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Unfolding Capacity: People with disabilities and their allies building better communities together

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Another excellent paper by the O'Brien's, this one focussing on the idea of 'community building' - that is, the intentional creation of relationships and social structures that extend the possibilities for shared identity and common action among people - especially as it relates to people with very high support needs. This process can fundamentally change a person's life. They argue that community building happens when people step outside roles prescribed by administrative structures and the assumptions that typically organise life for people with disabilities. In most stories about people whose lives have changed, can be found a set of person to person commitments and roles: Anchor, allies, assistance, agendas and associations. The authors describe each of these roles and the fluidity of their nature. See also File no.'s 3124, 3123, 10311, 3026, 10644. Keywords: Community Development, Inclusion. Searchwords: Individualisation, Advocacy, Friendship

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O'Brien, John and Connie Lyle
Responsive Systems Association Inc.
Publication Date
Community Development, Inclusion
United States

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