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The Full Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in American Society


Contrary to the title, this monograph is relevant to Australian society. It addresses the question of inclusion for persons with disabilities across the life span (including those who are deaf and hard of hearing). Education, social and employment environments provide the contextual framework for the discussions. Notable Chapters include:,1. "Full inclusion: Dimension, purpose and value" - an overview of the meaning, the history behind and the benefits of full inclusion. 2. "Inclusion in higher education".,3. "The roots of an inclusionary society: Young children in whole language schools" - developing an applying whole language strategies to achieve full inclusion. 4. "The full inclusion of minority persons with disabilities"- an historical and contemporary presentation of the status of persons with disabilities for different cultural backgrounds.,Keyword: Inclusion. Searchwords: School-age, Tertiary

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Rittenhouse, Bob Dancer, Jess (eds)
National Training Resource Centre, New Zealand
Publication Date
United States

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