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  • The Working Lives of People with Disabilities

    In this book thirteen people with varying disabilities talk honestly about themselves and their experience in the workplace. Their stories highlight the fact that disability need not be a barrier to employment. Keyword: Employment

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  • Supporting Adults with Severe Disabilities in the Community: Selected Issues in Residential Services

    The authors write, "In the past few years, it has become increasingly clear that all people with developmental disabilities...can be supported in the community. The current issue is not whether a person should live in an institution or in the community, but how best to provide supports for people with...

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  • Supporting Families with a Child with a Disability: An international outlook

    This book is concerned with three entwined issues - disability, culture and family - and the ways in which they play themselves out in the lives of families. It does this by examining the meaning of disability and the concept of family support in a cross cultural and cross national...

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  • Annie's Coming Out

    Anne McDonald was born in Victoria in 1961 and confined to an institution because of her physical disabilities. Anne is hardly alive when an assistant to the hospital discovers her. Together they battle against physical impediment and an uncaring beaurocracy to find a new life for her - a life...

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  • Life in the Community

    Resulting from a 21 state, 5 year study, this important text reports on innovative community integration efforts around the USA. Comprehensive case studies around three themes - families and their children; housing homes and support for adults with disabilities; and the role of community and society in integration - provide...

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  • Housing, Support, and Community

    Today, across North America new options are emerging for adults to live in their own homes-no matter what their level of ability. This volume presents current strategies and unique ways of thinking about supporting people to live in their own homes and participate in community life.

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    Presented by Margaret and Jeremy Ward, this workshop explores how to create partnerships between families and services that really works.

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  • Aboriginal Profiles

    Five articles on Kooris and disability in different States of Australia. In different ways, the five short articles touch on aspects of disability which are specific to Aboriginal people. Some of these are historical and environmental factors which have contributed to the high incidence and existence of particular disabilities.

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  • Advocating for Inclusive Education; Get it Right From the Start

    A comprehensive overview of the whole education system in Queensland and the rights of children and adults with disabilities within the system. It describes the powers that legislation can have (State and Federal) in protecting the rights of students with disabilities. The article also covers the limitations of this.

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  • Spotlight on Systems Change; New Hampshire's Commitment to Students with Severe Disabilities

    A regular column which looks at how systems can be changed. This editions focuses on efforts in three states in the US to increase the number of students with disabilities being educated at local schools. An overview of the various strategies used is given.

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