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Staying Alive


The sub-title of this book is "A mother takes on the Australian medical profession", and it certainly sums this story up. Gail and Rollyn Graham's seventeen year old son, Jimmy, sustained massive brain damage in a car accident. Professionals wield so much power and influence over the lives of people with a disability and their families, particularly at very vulnerable periods. With this story, the process and cycle of low expectations, devaluation and even dehumanisation can clearly be seen, and especially in the way families take these processes on board. Within 48 hours, Jimmy's mother was talking about him in terms of "death" and "dying". This is a story of enormous perseverance. Against these sorts of odds, Jimmy's mother fought simply to keep him alive. Keywords: Advocacy, Families. Searchwords: Social Role Valorisation, Theory

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Graham, Gail.
Angus & Robertson
Publication Date
Advocacy, Families

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