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Quality Child Care for All: A guide to integration


"Childhood experiences, both good and bad, are a major influence on the way we live as adults. So we should not be surprised when segregated children become segregated adults. At a very early age children begin to learn to put the world around them in order. If the world they see excludes some people....then that is how they will understand the world....At this stage in our evolution as a society, the successful inclusion of children with disabilities does not yet happen spontaneously.....This manual is directed to parents and child care staff and administrators. It is based on the principle that the basic needs of all children are universal....It provides examples of and strategies for inclusion, a checklist for assessing a child care centre, and a discussion guide. These are useful for teaching students, organising in-service training, and highlighting the important roles of parents and care providers...." (pp.i-iii). Keywords: Child care, Inclusion

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Panitch, Melanie
The Roeher Institute, Ontario
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Child Care, Inclusion

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