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  • Inclusion: How to. Essential classroom strategies

    A book for all classroom teachers. Gary Bunch gives theory and practice to make inclusion possible for all children and all teachers. It is a readable, jargon free book that tells you what you need to know to include any child.

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  • What's really worth doing and how to do it. A book for people who love someone labelled disabled (Possibly yourself); and From Behind the Piano: The building of Judith Snow's unique circle of friends

    These two titles are contained within one book. ,Book 1:The author, Judith Snow, says her book is about strategies to make it possible for people who are vulnerable to be more present and included in their communities.

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  • The Power of Imagination

    In this inspiring article, Kathie Snow invites us to use our imagination in order to offer Real Lives to people with disabilities. She describes how, in her own family's life, "imagining and achieving success was energising and affirming, which then led to more imagining and more great outcomes".

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  • Inclusion in Action (3rd Edition)

    Inclusion in Action' has been developed from the previous two editions of 'Integration and Inclusion in Action', which has been widely used across Australia by teachers and by teacher trainees studying special education as part of their initial teacher education program.

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  • Future Planning - Dubbo

    Future Planning - Dubbo

    A workshop for families of people with disability wanting to take a pro-active approach to planning for the future

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  • Friendship - It's about time

    Judith Snow, Jack Pearpoint and Marsha Forest talk with honesty and frankness about their friendship of 15 years. This video shows how a friendship between individuals with and without disabilities, in this case adults, is kept alive and how the relationship is beneficial to all.

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  • Adults with Intellectual Disability and the GP

    This article can be useful both for general practitioners and families and carers of adults with intellectual disability. Nicholas Lennox -Director of the QLD Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability, and Gillian Eastgate - Senior Lecturer at the same centre of The University of QLD, emphasise the important role that...

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  • How do we meet the challenge of diversity?

    Brian Smyth King explains in this article the contents of the Disability Standards for Education 2004 that will apply across all states and territories of Australia. The document underpins the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and clarifies standards for all Australian Education and training providers in facilitating access for people with...

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  • Embracing Difference

    This article tells us the story of Miriam, a 12 year old student from Melbourne whose parents were lucky to find for her a school that sees the "value and life" their daughter brings to the school community.

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  • A Supportive Communication Partner

    The strategies described on this article may help any teacher, family member, or support person as they work to understand, listen to, and communicate with students with autism. While there is much literature about how to improve the communication skills of students with autism, there is not much about how...

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