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Inclusion. Much more than "Being There"

Written Material

The DSA (1986) brought about a new direction in policy for people with disabilities which impacts on the education system. The authors argue the need for the education system to acknowledge that inclusion is an effective way of addressing community biases. Inclusion is seen as more than a physical or legal presence. This article looks at how a vision of inclusive schooling can be achieved, as well as giving strategies for inclusion. The authors also consider skills development and image and resource issues. The authors conclude that if we, the community, can't include a child with a disability because we haven't provided the framework for inclusion, then we must be held responsible, not the child. Keywords: Inclusion, Education, School age

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Wills, Darrell & Jackson, Robert
Interaction Vol. 10, Issue 2, pp. 19-24
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School age, Education, Inclusion

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