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Dare to Dream: An analysis of the conditions leading to personal change for people with disabilities


"The formation of a dream is often central to personal and social change". So begins this book, in which the personal stories of 4 people serve to illustrate ten conditions that increase the probability of significant change in a person's life. For people traditionally excluded and marginalised from dominant society, to dream is not enough, however. Real changes occur when people have a positive vision, personal support, and when organisations change in response to a person's vision. The ten conditions in this book are derived from these central axes of personal change. Traditional individual planning processes fail to do these things. See also File Numbers 10311, 3123, 10643. Keywords: Community Development, Individualisation. Searchwords: Friendship, Self determination

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Mount, Beth
Communitas Inc.
Publication Date
Individualisation, Community Development
United States

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