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"When People Matter More Than Systems"

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We are at a point in our history where there is considerable interest in whether it is possible to do a better job of responding to people as individuals. This paper explores what this might mean based on the experience of people and systems that have been successful in doing so. Nevertheless, this question will take us into matters that may be quite difficult to grasp as it involves the revisiting of many of the core assumptions of our current thinking from a new and possibly unfamiliar angle. What we currently have taken to be "reality" may not in our future systems look at all like what is the current pattern of thinking and practice. So, to some extent, we need to be ruthlessly unrealistic if we are to permit ourselves to not become victims of today's thinking as being the final word on what the future holds. This can be seen in something as simple as what we think a "person" is.

Kendrick, Michael J.
Keynote Presentation for the Conference "The Promise Of Opportunity", Albany, NY, March 27-28, 2000
Publication Date
22 May 2005
Government, Ethics, Professionals, Respite
United States

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