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Valuing the person or valuing the role? Critique of Social Role Valorisation theory

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Elks believes in the worth of normalisation theory. His central argument is that SRV is not an adequate replacement for the principle of normalisation for 4 main reasons: 1. inconsistencies in whether application of the theory is actually about valuing the person or valuing the person's social role. 2. valued social roles do not automatically lead to culturally valued lives. 3. despite belief otherwise, SRV is not substantially less trans empirical (within the realm of morality and ideology) than normalisation. Both are imbued with a value-laden base, they cannot be otherwise. 4. the inadequacy of valued social roles in providing defence against dynamics of social devaluation. He proposes a new term - social valorisation - in which the person and role are valued as a more coherent replacement for the term normalisation, because people have to value other people's identity before any real change can occur. Keyword: Theory

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Elks, Martin
Mental Retardation, Volume 32 Number 4
Publication Date
1 September 1994
United States

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