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Valued Social Roles: Pathways to Full, Meaningful, and Inclusive Lives


This presentation was delivered by Darcy Elks at Family Advocacy's 2007 Odyssey Conference.

Most citizens enjoy a variety of valued social roles such as family member, friend, neighbour, employee, student, etc. Indeed, it is very natural for people to explore, enter and grow into many different valued roles throughout life. Yet, often we do not stop to think of the many benefits that these roles afford us and how they create many different possibilities for us in life. This presentation will discuss

  1. the importance of assisting people who are devalued and marginalized by society to escape some of the negative stereotypes and subsequent social roles that they are often trapped in;
  2. the power of valued social roles to bring fullness, richness, and meaning to life; and
  3. some strategies to support people to find, enter, and grow into valued roles that uplift, empower, and sustain people in inclusive walks of life.

Darcy Elks
Family Advocacy 2007 Odyssey Conference
Family Advocacy
Publication Date
25 October 2007
Professionals, Teachers, Person with disability, Families, Parents
Social Role Valorisation, Valued Roles

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