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In this paper, Miriam explains how dreaming 'big' applies not only to families - the Up the Hill Project is not just a dream, but a reality at a farsighted university in Adelaide that offers an exciting post school option. An option to become an auditing student (meaning the student chooses subjects of interest, registers and attends all lectures with the support of a mentor, but does not have to submit assignments or sit exams). A whole new world was opened up to her daughter where she was encouraged and totally accepted in all respects of life in the university. Relationships her daughter had built up with this group of people at university was, as with most other university students, influencing her future.

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Miriam High
Family Advocacy Families for Change Journal
Publication Date
1 August 2009
Families, Professionals
Education, Families, Friendship, Inclusion, Tertiary, Transition

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