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Transition to Adulthood for Students with Severe Intellectual Disabilties: Shifting Toward Person-Family Interdependent Planning

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This article discusses the most appropriate way to foster self-determination for young adults with intellectual disability during the stressful period of transition between high school and adulthood. It is suggested that in this life period, the individual and the family are interdependent, and services should respond to this reality by merging the family-centered planning approach of childhood, with the person-centered planning approach of adulthood. The new approach, person-family interdependent planning, recognises that both the young person and their family are affected by decisions made in the post-school transition period, so these decisions should be made collaboratively.

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Kyeong-Hwa Kim and Ann Turnbull
Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilties 2004, Vol 29, No.1, 53-57
Publication Date
26 May 2005
Self Determination, Aging, Individualisation, Families
United States

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