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There's small choice in rotten apples

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This Report, commissioned by the advocacy group Queensland Parents for People with a Disability (QPPD), examines the issue of educational choice for parents of children with disability. Through surveys and focus groups, parents were asked about their aims for their child's schooling, constraints which had been placed on their choice of school, and the effects of these constraints. It was found that parents of students with disability share the same expectations of education as all parents, wanting their child to be nurtured and valued in a safe environment. Even though parents were offered a range of options for their child's education, real choice is often an illusion because of the pressure to choose segregated education options. Education Queensland is urged to place greater value of students with disability by offering them the same educational choice as all students.

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Parents and Researchers in QLD
Queensland Parents for People with Disability
Publication Date
1 January 1970
Education, Inclusion, Attitudes

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