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Theorising leisure and disability

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"This article..firstly discuss(es) theories of leisure which emphasise that leisure is intrinsically linked to work and that there is a socialisation process which inculcates a belief in people that the enjoyment of leisure has to be first earned by work. This has implications for disabled people who are denied access to employment. The factors which contribute to disabled people having less free time available for leisure than their non disabled equivalents (are) identified....then (examined are the)..significant factors which cause inequality of leisure opportunities for disabled people....A separate section will deal with the position of young disabled people and how they are particularly adversely affected by the barriers to leisure activities and also in the establishment of social relationships..". Edwards also provides an interesting link between the pursuit of leisure & the development of sexual identity in young people. Keyword: Theory, Social Activities

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Edwards, John
ADR 1-95
C'wlth Dept of Human Services & Health
Publication Date
1 January 1995
Social Activities, Theory

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