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The road less search of positive inclusion of children in local, home schools

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Darrell Wills presents some interesting thoughts about the possible detriments of using legal strategies to include children in their local schools. His central argument is that while legislation is important for safeguarding a whole number of things, inclusion cannot be forced through legislation if teachers, principals and other professionals are truly not willing to put in the energy or commitment to do it well and make it work. If this does happen it is ultimately the child who suffers resentment and hatred. He argues that the 'road less travelled' of gradualism is the way to go; that is, we cannot use short term solutions for long term and complex problems. Darrell is clear that these are only ideas to provide a different perspective about the way we go about pushing for inclusion. Keywords: Legal, Education

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Wills, Darrell
Inclusion News (Western Australia) Volume 1 Issue 1
Publication Date
1 January 1994
Legal, Education

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