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The Potential Role Of Questionable Assumptions In Personal Planning Processes

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In recent decades "person centered service" has been heralded by many people as constituting a kind of high order paradigm shift. This claim is certainly not without some merit, but it may both be overstating what has actually been accomplished in people's lives, and it may not fully acknowledge how much about present practice is not really all that different from the practices that preceded it, notwithstanding that it has been relabeled as being "person centered". One key fundamental in this regard is the fallibility of human judgment in regards to the propensity to make all manner of either false or at least misleading assumptions about people. In due course, these shaky assumptions become the foundation for new models of support that are simply not as optimal as they should be. What follows are some illustrative examples of the kinds of assumptions that can create this kind of mischief.

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Kendrick, Michael J.
The International Social Role Valorization Journal, Volume 5, (1&2), 2004
Publication Date
26 May 2005
Professionals, Attitudes, Respite, Individualisation
United States

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