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The Politics of Mental Handicap


An historical and theoretical analysis of the development and rationale of care policies and service types in Great Britain. Frank Thomas was a care worker in hospitals and schools in the 70's, and Joanna Ryan is a researcher and psychologist. The book contains extracts from Frank's diary of the experiences of those who lived and worked in the hospitals and schools and Joanna's historical and theoretical perspective on the experiences exposed in the diary records. The book examines why people with disability have historically been treated badly and why they are still stigmatised. It attempts to show that the realities recorded in the diaries are the end result of a complex social process that "we all participate in". It has current relevance because of the historical and theoretical perspective it provides and the perceptive insights of both authors. Keywords: Attitudes, Ethics. Searchwords: Historical, Social Philosophy

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Ryan, J., Thomas, F.
Penguin Books
Publication Date
1 January 1980
Attitudes, Ethics

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