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The Nonrestrictive Environment: on Community Integration for People with the Most Severe Disabilities


"...This manual starts off with an introduction that outlines some basic principles for community integration. We next move to a critique of ..the notion that people with disabilities need to live in facilities ranging from the most restrictive to the least restrictive. The following section looks at how some service systems and agencies have developed homes for children and adults with severe disabilities...After this we turn to a discussion of integrated vocational services. In the next section, we consider what makes community integration seem to work. It's not just a matter of technical know-how...The remainder of the manual covers some of the emerging controversies in community integration. In order to make this publication useful as a resource manual, we have included an appendix, listing some practical ideas, strategies, and resources for developing integrated community services." (p. vi). Keyword: Inclusion

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Taylor, Steven et al
Human Policy Press, Syracuse NY (USA) - 2 copies
Publication Date
1 January 1987
United States

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