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The Long Journey Home

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Lee Keatch is the mother of Natalie, a young woman with severe intellectual and multiple disabilities. Lee tells of the pain of placing Natalie in an institution at 9 years of age and of the helplessness of seeing Natalie endure abysmal conditions in the institution before moving into a community group home. Natalie's family were all involved in the decision which finally led to Natalie returning to her family home. This has been made possible through an on-going package of flexible support and a dedicated and committed network of people. Lee concludes that it is important for professionals to remember that this reunion process takes time. She stresses the importance of renegotiation, of reviewing the situation and of thinking creatively. Keywords: Accommodation, Individualisation, Families

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Keatch, Lee
Paper presented at 1997 ASSID Conference
Levada Inc
Publication Date
1 September 1997
Accommodation, Individualisation, Families

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