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The Leadership Challenge of Service Quality

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In this excellent and thoughtful presentation, Kendrick states that services can be influenced for both good and bad. He then defines what is meant by the word 'quality', and identifies leadership as one of the most decisive influences on service quality. Kendrick identifies important issues for leaders, e.g. committed and appropriate staff, underlying commitment to clearly stated values, a day-by-day commitment to excellence despite the difficulties, together with an awareness of the threats to quality. He stresses the importance of leaders developing co-operation and a sense of purpose in the people who work in the service. Above all, Kendrick stresses the importance of recognising potential in the lives of the people it serves and being unmistakably focused on those people. Keywords: Professionals, Theory

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Kendrick, M J
SRV-VRS 2(2) p.3-
Publication Date
1 January 1996
Professionals, Theory

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