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The kid from Cabin 17

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Chauncey, a boy with very high support needs, attended a summer camp with 200 other children in which he made a number of friends and generally had an excellent time. The article lists a number of lessons that people learned about his inclusion in summer camp (these lessons can be expanded to thinking about inclusion in general). Some of these lessons include: 1. the importance of a sense of belonging; 2. that it is not necessary to have support persons 'trained in disability'; 3. that this only works on an individualised basis; 4. the importance of friendships. There is an amazing comment by one of Chauncey's new found friends at the end of the week. She says "I hope Chauncey gets an honour camper award...not...because he's handicapped...(but) because he is a really good person. He's someone I wouldn't mind being like". Keywords: Social Activities, Inclusion Searchword: Attitudes

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Walker, Pam Edinger, Betsy
Camping Magazine
Publication Date
1 May 1988
Social Activities, Inclusion
United States

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