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The Future of Children with Significant Impairments: What Parents Fear and Want, and What They and Others May Be Able to Do About It.


For over 40 years, Wolf Wolfensberger has been involved with parents of disabled people. Drawing on this long experience, he spells out in this three-part book, the concerns that many parents have for the future of a child with a disability. He explains the sources of these fears, the reasonableness of the concerns, the ways that families commonly try to deal with these fears and some measures that would be useful for parents, as well as for others who have some involvement with families of disabled people or who have some responsibility for disabled people. This book also contains reflections on the responsibilities of parents of disabled persons and some of the more common and problematic mistakes parents may make in rearing their disabled children. Essential reading not only for parents of disabled children, but also for other concerned family members, human service workers, family associations, advocacy groups or anyone who has involvement with families of disabled children. ,

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Wolf Wolfensberger
Syracuse University, Training Institute for Human Service Planning, Leadership and Change Agentry
Publication Date
25 May 2005
Families, Professionals, Advocacy, Attitudes, Inclusion, Social Role Valorisation
United States

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