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The Experience of Handicap


At the time of writing the author was a Senior Lecturer in Special Education at the University of Liverpool. It is written for professionals involved with people with disability and their families. The book draws extensively on the personal experiences of people with disability and emphasises their individuality and the reserves of inner strength which motivate them. It is written with respect for people with disability and their struggle to gain their rightful place in society. The book relates first hand experiences of disability with the historical and sociological dimensions of a world which has hitherto stereotyped and rejected people with disability. Written prior to the Year of Disabled People, the book can be used as a resource for its individual stories and its historical and sociological overview. Keywords: Advocacy, Theory. Searchwords: Myths & Realities, Individuals

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Thomas, David
Methuen & Co Ltd. London
Publication Date
1 January 1982
Advocacy, Theory

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