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The Creatures Time Forgot: Photography and disability imagery


This book is about links, particularly the links between theory and practice. Hevey, photographer and author, exposes the links between 'disability imagery' (e.g. through charity advertising) and broader societal thought. 'Disability imagery' both mirrors and feeds dominant thought - for example, a segregationist approach. The book is an important testimony to the struggle to continue radical disability representation. Important because representation is an integral part of a process concerned with access, empowerment, collective action and rights; taking photos is part of a process of creating social change. Lastly the book is about linkages between himself and a broader movement - a book concerned with identity. Hevey is out to challenge the medical model, by immersing us in a social model. He wants us to see disability is an external oppression, not an internal deficit. Keywords: Theory, Self Determination

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Hevey, David
Routledge, London
Publication Date
1 January 1992
Person with disability
Theory, Self Determination

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