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The Community Action Book


While quite dated, this book is a non threatening and "comprehensive guide to community action in NSW". It contains information from how to get organised and active, to how to use the law. There are stories by community activists which show how this general information (e.g lobbying) has been applied in real life. These stories also have another great benefit; they show that while there is a broader knowledge to be gained and many links between different groups and political action, every case is going to be different . There is no 'one way to success', and nor is success or social change likely to happen overnight. The information within the book also forms a framework within which individuals and groups can take a closer look at structures of power in society. Family Advocacy has a kit called "Step by Step" and these two resources would work well together. Keyword: Community Development

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Flood, Marie Lawrence, Annee (eds)
Council of Social Service of NSW, Australia, 2nd ed.
Publication Date
1 January 1987
Community Development

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