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Telling New Stories: The Search for Capacity among people with severe handicaps

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This paper, which was prepared for the Centre on Human Policy, Syracuse University, emphasises the importance of discovering the capacities of people with disability rather than concentrating on their deficits. It highlights the positive approach of 'Positive Futures Planning', where a group of committed people focus on the person with the disability and work together in support of that person, driven by a vision of that person's capacities and interests. Personal Futures Planning asks that human services look at doing new things in new ways rather than concentrating solely on getting better on what they are doing already. Keywords: Individualisation, Professionals

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O'Brien, John & Mount, Beth
Critical Issues in the Lives of People with Severe Disabilities. Eds: Meyer, L H; Peck, C A; Brown, Lou
Publication Date
1 January 1990
Individualisation, Professionals
United States

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