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Technology, Resources and Consumer Outcomes


The Foreword states the Conference was held at a time of the emergence of a "new consumerism" in the intellectual diability field - "In the l980's disabled consumers themselves have entered the arena and the new debate centres on the type of service and the right to choose". The theme of the Conference was chosen to reflect on the issues relevant in the intellectual diability field at a time when there is "a new era of greater competition for government and public dollars (which) has an impact on the way in which services are conceptualised and evaluated". The papers are organised under seven topic headings - Resource Management; Evaluation; Consumerism; Education; Transition; Recreation; other themes. Each paper cites an extensive reference list. Keywords: Professional, Theory

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Ed: Bartnik, Lewis, O'Connor
23rd National Conference of ASSID
P.E. Publications, Perth, Adelaide.
Publication Date
1 January 1987
Professionals, Theory

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