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Supportive, Repressive or Just Plain Irrelevant? Urban design and housing debates and intellectual disability

Written Material

John Byrne is Director of Special Projects in the Qld Dept of Housing, Local Government and Planning. He is also the parent of a son who has intellectual disability. This paper challenges us to look carefully at urban design and its impact on the lives of individuals, particularly those with disabilities. He advocates for the development of a much greater range of housing types in local communities and criticises zoning that regulates against mixed housing. He also suggests ways of making communities more accessible to those living in them. While he believes we should insist on good design in all things, and fight hard for it, he warns us to think carefully before resisting change or difference. Keywords: Accommodation, Community Development

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Byrne, John
Qld Disability Housing Coalition Newsletter
Publication Date
1 June 1996
Accommodation, Community Development

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