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Supporting People with Severe Reputations in the Community


This is an excellent book focussing on ways to support people, who have been labelled as having challenging behaviours, in the community. It presents the "tools" needed to support people, looking at: how people receive their label or 'reputation', how to plan with the person for community services, how to recruit and develop the supports needed to implement the plan, and how to avoid the most common perversions and abuses in providing supports. The planning techniques used here are only one approach and the authors invite people to substitute other 'person centred' approaches when they seem appropriate. The authors start from this premise: most human service systems develop programs and put people into them. What is suggested is a system that starts with individuals and builds support around them. Keyword: Individualisation

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Smull, Michael Harrison, Susan Burke
National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services, Virginia
Publication Date
1 January 1970
United States

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