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Students as instructional agents

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A chapter concerning itself with strategies for achieving truly inclusive classrooms and schools. The authors ask teachers and school administrators to view students as 'knowers' as well as 'learners'. If students are also teachers it creates a co-operative pro-learning atmosphere. The chapter is dedicated to peer tutoring strategies (both in co-operative groups and in pairs) and program designs. There is also quite a lengthy discussion on students with disabilities as tutors (they are really only ever seen as tutees). When this occurs it expresses the belief that all students are capable of achievement and worthy of respect. Keywords: Education, School age

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Gartner, Alan Lipsky, Dorothy Kerzner
Stainback and Stainback (eds), Support Networks for Inclusive Schooling
Paul.H.Brookes, Baltimore
Publication Date
1 January 1990
Education, School age
United States

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