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Starting Strong: Promoting a succesful start to school

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This detailed academic paper considers a range of policy issues relevant to starting school. The authors suggest that instead of using 'readiness tests' to delay a child's start to Kindergarten, schools should tailor their teaching and learning to children's diverse skills. In order to ease the transition to school, there should be positive and ongoing interaction between educators in pre-school and school settings, so that children and parents experience continuity.,,The Guidelines for Effective Transition to School Programs are outlined. The guidelines recommend that transition programs establish positive relationships between children, parents and educators and involve a wide range of stakeholders. The programs should be well planned, effectively monitored, flexible and responsive to children's needs. It is recommended that a distinction be made between transition and orientation programs.,

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Sue Dockett and Bob Perry (University of Western Sydney)
Building Blocks for Life and Learning: A Public Education Council Forum on Early Childhood Education
Publication Date
1 January 1970
Access, Individualisation, Pre-school aged, Education, School age, Families

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