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Some reflections on community living, reform and personal conduct

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An extensive analysis of the concept of 'community'. Kendrick argues that we should constantly think critically about our present ideas and passions concerning this concept, because "in this passion people's lives will be changed". He argues that the concept is not inherently good (simply because it is the antithesis of a residential institution) but neither is it something we should reject outright. Rather he analyses how seemingly good ideas can become corrupted (e.g. the idea of providing services 'in the community'). What we need, therefore, is a sense of what a community looks like when it is full of human beings who are not always at their best. To do this we have to look at what human beings need no matter where they are, what time in history or no matter what is popular and fashionable. That is, we have to understand what is at the root of 'community'. When this happens we will cease to concentrate on just changing the external world (i.e. social institutions, services) and we will look to change ourselves. Keyword: Theory

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Kendrick, Michael
Interaction Volume 3 Number 3
Publication Date
1 January 1989
United States

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