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Some of the universal "Good Things of Life" which the implementation of Social Role Valorization can be expected to make more accessible to devalued people

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The article begins by looking at some of the challenges people make to Social Role Valorisation (SRV). The authors emphasise that SRV can only describe what is likely to happen to a societally or personally devalued person, group or class if particular courses of action are taken, and that the personal values we hold are of great importance. They list 17 'good things of life' which most people aspire to and conclude that, where a person holds valued roles in their community, they are more likely to access a greater number of 'the good things of life'. Keyword: Social Role Valorisation

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Wolfensberger et al
SRV-VRS 2(2) p.12-
Publication Date
1 January 1996
Social Role Valorisation

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