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Social Role Valorization and, or Versus, "Empowerment"

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This philosophical article comments on the differences between the ideologies of empowerment and Social Role Valorization (SRV). In contrast to empowerment, SRV is not prescriptive, instead, offering a plan of action for what one would do if they wanted the devalued to occupy socially valued roles. SRV acknowledges the difference between having power and being valued, and comments that limited competency can lead people to exercise power contrary to their best interest. SRV believes society should concentrate on valuing people, and ensuring they have the needed supports to benefit from their empowerment.

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Wolf Wolfensberger
Mental Retardation. Volume 40, Number 3: 252-258. June 2002
Publication Date
24 May 2005
Ethics, Social Role Valorisation
United States

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