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It's really hard to summarise such passionate, honest and inspiring stories as this one. It is a story that brings to life so many issues that people in the 'inclusion movement' continue to speak and write about. It is mainly a story about what the 'segregation system' did to a mother in terms of how she understood herself, how she saw her daughter and even how she saw the other members of her family. This system created so much dependency that at the end of her daughter's early education, the mother began to fantasise that maybe her daughter would just die (even though she loved her very much). The realisation that her daughter's death was the best future she could imagine, was a transformational experience. Her daughter's inclusion in school has let her mother see her in an entirely new way - as someone with gifts, friends, as someone who will grow up to be a woman. Keyword: Inclusion

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Soyster, Laura
Inclusion News 1994-95
Publication Date
1 January 1995
United States

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