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Williams decided that she would avoid the often technical and constrictive approach of a 'how to teach' article because "any education has to be based on an understanding of the topic". Thus she attempts to formulate a base for families and professionals from which to think about the 'how to teach'. This base includes a discussion about what sexuality is. For this she uses the "Coat hanger theory" - sexuality as three coats; a blue coat that stands for the physiological component; a green coat that is the reproductive component; and a red coat that is about peoples attitudes, values, self perception and esteem. She argues that too much attention has been placed upon the green coat with regards to people with disabilities, and this has to change; for people with disabilities , like the rest of us, sexuality is a fundamental part of their humanness. It is not something that needs to be punished or suppressed. Keyword: Education

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Williams, Sue
Australia & New Zealand Journal of Dev'mental Disabil. Vol 17 No 2
Publication Date
1 January 1991

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