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Self Help Groups: Getting started, keeping going


The author writes, "This guide draws on the experience of many self help groups and is a combination of practical advice and an account of how self help groups can best work....It is written for people who are, or who are going to be, members of self help groups ... Others may find the guide useful too. Are you a professional worker, working with people in self help groups? This book is not written for you, but you will find it helps you learn more about such groups...Self help groups are important. They may offer an alternative to professional care, but more often are complementary to the help you may already be getting. I personally see self help groups as a way of strengthening our welfare state, not replacing it" (pp.1-2). Many of the ideas of the book are also applicable to family support or parent groups especially the chapters, "Relationships" and "Thinking more deeply". Keyword: Community Development

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Wilson, Judy
Longman Group UK Ltd., Essex
Publication Date
1 January 1986
Community Development

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