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Schools in Italy: A national policy made actual

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National Law 118 established the right of compulsory education for children with disabilities in regular classes of public schools. This law was enacted 24 years ago. In 1977 another law specified strategies for implementing inclusion. The stark contrast between this situation and that facing students in NSW and Australia is interesting. The article describes what is going on in different schools in Italy - how students are taught (some examples of co-operative learning and emphases on what the child can do), what resources are made available (teachers, special ed. teachers and other professionals, who are all part of a team that supports the classroom). There is an obvious emphasis in Italy on quality education for all children, in which inclusive education is a component. Keyword: Education, School age

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Berrigan, Carol
TASH Newsletter Volume 20/21 Issue Number 12/1
Publication Date
1 January 1995
Education, School age
United States

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