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Sara Webb: Disaster Area


Sara Webb Disaster Area is a book about a family that is unusual so to speak. Sara's older sister Dee has Down Syndrome and her older brother Max has Autism. Sara's problems start with the school bullies teasing her about her family members, and she also has to cope with a series of catastrophes which lead to lots of embarrassing situations. The horrible Bronte and her gang give Sara an intensely hard time about her family members. There is a down side to this book in my point of view, which I thought was that the bullies didn't really learn a lesson. It's a shame that they didn't and that they would probably have kept going with the bullying. But Sara learned to cope with it better and that is the main point. I already know it can sometimes be challenging with a family member with a disability so it was interesting to see how someone else dealt with the situation and it was also helpful just knowing that you can get through it. I would recommend this book to early teenagers who have a family member with a disability but also who are having difficulty with school bullies. This review was written by Eleanor Brazier.,

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Liz Wilks
Lothian Books
Publication Date
28 May 2005
Families, Friendship, Inclusion, School age

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