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Responding well to people "labelled" as having challenging behaviour


These short videos were taken after a workshop Ann presented for Family Advocacy on Responding well to people "labelled" as having challenging behaviour - Is it behaviour or is it communication?

The workshop encouraged people to:

  • Determine a process that is respectful and non-punishing
  • Discover how you can collaborate to find the motivations,effects and consequences
  • Develop a range of strategies that can be used to minimise the effects of a person’s actions

Ann Greer has over twenty years of formal experience in working with people who are labelled as having challenging behaviour and is a well-known and highly sought after presenter in Australia and New Zealand.

She has a deep commitment to assisting everyone to be part of their community as active members - receiving and contributing.

To view the following videos online visit the playlist or view each video individually:

 Playlist: Behaviour and Communication

Why relationships are important for people with disability     

Working in proactive ways with people labelled as having challenging behaviour     

The power of relationships paid and unpaid

Some of the barriers in supporting people who are labelled with challenging behaviours    

Behaviour can be like a dance

The counter intuitive approach in supporting people     

Describing challenging behaviour     

Perceptions of people labelled with challenging behaviour and the impact it has on them     

Strategies we can use to support people     

Ann Greer
Family Advocacy
Family Advocacy
Publication Date
29 April 2015
Teachers, Families, Parents, Professionals

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