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Reflections on Inclusion in Junior High

Written Material

Two parents, Anne and David, speak about their feelings and experiences at the end of their son Stephen's first year of junior high school. David delights in Stephen's development and accomplishments, as well as the freedom and acknowledgement that has come from being the parent of a child who is included and who now attracts the questions 'how?' and 'what?' rather than 'why?'. Anne talks of learning, as the parent of a child with a disability, what it's like not to belong and of the struggle for David's inclusion. She offers thoughtful advice to Stephen's teachers as he enters his second year of junior high. Keywords: Education, Inclusion, Professionals

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Oakleaf, D & McWhir, A
Alberta Assn for Community Living
Publication Date
1 January 1995
Education, Inclusion, Professionals
United States

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