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Public schools welcome students with disabilities as full members

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A very positive article written in a conversational tone, detailing the benefits of inclusion. The authors use some great quotes by parents, teachers and students, as well as stories about particular students. They also discuss how individual education plans (IEPs) can be transformed for the regular school and, in fact, how much easier it is to implement many of these goals in the regular setting, where rich, varied and ordinary opportunities and spaces abound. This is then illustrated with an example of one student's daily plan including IEP goals. The integral involvement of the whole class in this student's day and learning is also apparent. The focus is on both primary and high school levels. Keywords: Education, School age

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Davern, Linda Schnorr, Roberta
Children Today, Volume 20 Number 2
Publication Date
1 January 1970
School age, Education
United States

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