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Professionalized service and disabling help

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A compelling essay which analyses the negative effects of a service dominated culture and economy on citizens and communities. The author describes the way in which, despite the good intentions of many service providers, people are increasingly being defined as "deficient" in order to serve the service industry. They are no longer in need, but needed. People have become the raw material on which the industry depends and, as such, more people in need will have to be found so that those employed in the industry can earn money and contribute to the economy. This process has, in the opinion of the author, converted citizenry into clienthood and has resulted in communities which no longer seek community and political answers but are inveigled into believing that the only answer is services. Keywords: Professionals, Community Development, Social Role Valorisation

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McKnight, John
Ivan Illich et al, Disabling Professions
Marion Boyars Publishers, London
Publication Date
1 January 1977
Professionals, Community Development, Social Role Valorisation
United States

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