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In his editorial, John Moxon underlines the fact that one of the biggest problems facing people with disabilities is the attitude of others. He argues strongly that the reason that people with disability are unable to do some things (or do them as well as the majority of the population) is more to do with the way the world has been built, or the way that services have been designed. He stresses that people with disabilities are not looking for a world in which everything is perfect: they are looking for - and will continue to fight for - a society in which, rather than being seen as needing charity, people with disability are acknowledged as having the same rights as the rest of the community. Keywords: Attitudes, Access

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Moxon, J
PDCN News, Vol.5, No.3, Sept. 1999
Physical Disability Council New South Wales
Publication Date
1 September 1999
Person with disability
Access, Attitudes

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