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One Family's Viewpoint on Human Services

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Matthew Ellis is a young man with high support needs. In this interview, his mother Judy, sister Libby, and brother James talk openly about the influences in their thinking over the years that have encouraged them - and others - to think differently about Matthew and discover what his real needs are. While they recognise that human services are necessary, they warn against becoming too dependent on them, as human services are more likely to want to 'fix' the person rather than seek to enrich that person's life. They encourage families to ask for different things,remaining questioning rather than merely accepting of what is offered. This interview is taken from the book 'Human Services: Towards Partnership & Support' (File No. 3185). Keyword: Families

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Ellis - Judy, Libby & James
Human Services: Towards Partnership & Support
The Dunmore Press
Publication Date
1 January 1997

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