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On One Side: The role of the adviser in supporting people with learning difficulties in self-advocacy groups


This is a manual specifically designed to give practical assistance and support to advisers to self advocacy groups. In doing this, the manual covers the different activities of a self advocacy group, the development of the group, and therefore the development of the adviser's role as the group changes. The context of this manual lies in a brief by the authors, that 'self advocacy' is being misrepresented. The reason for this lie with services rather than people with disabilities themselves, as, for example, service after service set up what they name as 'self advocacy' groups. Given this context and conflict, there is a real need to provide clarity over the 'advisor' role, and to support and train them. Keywords: Advocacy, Community development

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Dowson, S. & Whittaker, A.
Values into Action, London.
Publication Date
1 January 1993
Advocacy, Community Development

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