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Oliver Twist Has Asked For More: The politics and practice of getting justice for people with disabilities


In a world increasingly dominated by economic rationalism and corporate interests, good advocacy is more and more vital, because good advocacy is concerned with social justice and social change. In this sense, it is both very ordinary and very extraordinary; it stands against the current tide. This is coupled with a 'disability field' increasingly filled with the abundant use and misuse of the term 'advocacy'. This book sets out to examine 'advocacy' with these issues in mind. It aims to demystify the word as well as some of the strategies that 'advocacy' demands; providing clarity, perspective and strategies to advocates and prospective advocates. The book is not meant to be read as an end in itself - with all the answers - but rather as part of the means to an end. Keyword: Advocacy

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Parsons, Ian
Villamanta Publishing Service, Geelong, Australia
Publication Date
1 January 1994

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