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This is the seminal work of Wolfensberger that has since been re-written in parts and become known as Social Role Valorisation. Translated from its Scandanavian origins, the author defines normalisation as a system of human management by which human service 'designers' and providers have the power to (and do) affect the daily experiences and future prospects of the people, families and communities who rely on them. Given this, the normalisation principle seeks of such people, "the utilisation of means which are as culturally normative as possible, in order to establish and/or maintain personal behaviours and characteristics which are as culturally normative as possible". This system of management is seen to be universal in nature (Part A of the book). As such it has a breadth of applicability to human services centred around people with disabilities (Part B). Some strategies and mechanisms for such applications are presented in Part C. Keyword: Social Role Valorisation

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Wolfensberger, Wolf
National Institute on Mental Retardation, Toronto, Canada
Publication Date
1 January 1972
Social Role Valorisation

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