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Normalisation: A Reader for the Nineties


This is the first book to bring together varied perspectives on its theory and practical application (and as such, Family Advocacy does not necessarily agree with all that is written). The first chapter of the book starts with a concise definition of the principle of normalisation and provides a historical account of the development of thought leading to our current understanding of the principle. This account of normalisation forms the basis of the following chapters. The second half of the book (Chapter 5 onwards) looks at the compatibility of normalisation with other service models and other ideologies - for example in Chapter 9, Ferns describes how he believes that there is an assumption of homogeneity contained within the principle which obscures the cultural diversity of people who use services and goes on to provide his own interpretation of the principle in light of this belief. The book ends with a feminist analysis of the principle.Keyword: Social Role Valorisation (SRV)

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Brown, Hilary Smith, Helen (eds)
Routledge, London
Publication Date
1 January 1992
Social Role Valorisation

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